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Breweries in Baton Rouge

Breweries in Baton Rouge

Are you looking for a place to relax and drink a cold beer? Well, you're in luck. There are more than 9,700 breweries in the United States, and we're going to explore a few in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The city is known for its lively atmosphere and craft beer scene. There's a range of craft beers that cater to everyone, no matter what your palate.

Whether you've recently moved to town or are looking for a new secret spot to hang out, this guide is for you. Keep reading below to learn more about the breweries in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

a row of barrels for aging wine in a winery

Tin Roof Brewing

The first we're going to explore is the largest in the city. It's located in the best location between downtown and Louisiana State University.

Tin Roof Brewing Company attracts a lot of people. If you're looking to be around a lot of people, this is a spot for you as it's a popular option.

We know everyone has different preferences when it comes to brews. Tin Roof produces and offers a range of stouts, IPAs, blondes, and lagers.

If you're new to the city, you may be looking for a way to meet new people. Tin Roof hosts events, which are always a great time. It has a welcoming environment all week long, and there are often food trucks there as well.

Tin Roof has a tap room that can be rented out as well. You can host your own event and bring your friends together for a night of fun and beer.

Gilla Brewing Company

Another one of our favorite breweries in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is Gilla Brewing. Brad Anderson and Alex Shillings are home brewers and have created a number of amazing beers.

They specialize in New England IPAs and fruited sours. They also brew stouts, ales, and lagers. No matter what you like, there's a beer for you here.

Gilla Brewing is a micro-brewery, which means they are constantly creating new batches of beers. This allows them to offer you new and exciting beers frequently.

If you don't have time to sit down and enjoy a draft beer, they have cans to go so you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home. Hosting an event at Gilla Brewing is a great option.

You can rent out the entire space or have a semi-private event. You'll need to submit an inquiry, and someone from the team will call you. Be sure to give at least two weeks notice, as it can be booked quickly.

Another special addition that you can purchase for your event is a custom-made beer. This isn't always an option at larger breweries. It's a unique feature that'll impress your guests and make your event even more memorable.

Rally Cap Brewing Co.

Since December 2019, Rally Cap Brewing has been bringing the community together. This brewing company in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is known for supporting local causes, which makes it stand out. The beer is also incredible. Their taproom has a variety of 16 beers to choose from. It's also over 2,000 square feet and has nine TVs. If you're looking for a place to watch a game, this is the spot for you.

Many people are interested in learning more about beer and how it's made. At Rally Cap, you can take a tour of the brewery. You can get a behind-the-scenes look at the facility.

There's a $20 ticket and four 5oz tasters are included. You have the chance to try different brews that you may not have tried before. You never know, you may find a new favorite.

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Brewery in Baton Rouge: Agile Brewing

Agile Brewing is the perfect spot for a beer and a burger. They have 20 brew options for you to choose from. They have a menu of shareable bites for you and your friends to enjoy.

There are several new items available that you don't want to miss out on. The Pimento cheese dip and fried mushrooms are the new additions and will soon be favorites among locals. If you aren't a fan of cheese and mushrooms, try the fried pickles or the sliders.

Some beers pair better with certain foods. Be sure to ask your brewmaster which beers compliment the shareable plates.

Best Breweries: Istrouna Eatery and Brewery

Istrouna Eatery and Brewery is another great option when you're looking for the best local breweries. This place is located about 20 minutes outside of Baton Rouge, but it's worth the drive. It has everything you need.

There's an assortment of beers to choose from. If you have a friend who doesn't like beer, they can choose from the wine or spirits menu.

They host an open mic night every Thursday from 6 to 9 pm, which makes it the perfect spot to head to after work.

You can also host your event there. This brewery in Baton Rouge has several packages for you to choose from, so your event will be everything you want and more.

Mid City Beer Garden

While not a traditional brewery, we couldn't leave Mid City Beer Garden off the list. This place has the best alcohol and atmosphere.

Their list of beers is extensive, so you'll be able to order something you like. They also have great food to pair with your beers. Every day they offer a new special so you can enjoy something new often.

The beer garden often hosts events for you to attend, but you can also plan your own. The space can hold between 12 and 60 people, so whether you're hosting a birthday party, meeting, or getting a group of people together for game day, this place has you covered.

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Best Breweries in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Finding places to visit in Louisiana can be challenging if you don't know where to look. There are a lot of places to go, and this guide shows you the best breweries in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

These breweries offer residents and visitors the ability to explore new options and try new beers. Living in Baton Rouge will change your life for the better. Don't wait to experience the best parts of Louisiana.

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